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AWMC Online Training Program is an Initiative of Asheghar Digimentors as part of its Mission to Educate and Empower Digital Entrepreneurs. Asheghar Digimentors (ADM) is a platform launched for digital mentorship for Entrepreneurs and professionals. The team at ADM is committed toward fulfilling your dreams of entrepreneurship and guiding you to catapult your business into the digital foray for your success and profitability. 


Asheghar Digimentors (ADM) DIGIMENTORS was launched by one of Qatar’s leading business enterprises. It is our next step and commitment to promoting the “Qatar Economic Vision 2030” by contributing to the future growth, success, and prosperity of the nation by creating digital entrepreneurs.  Digital technology is an unavoidable reality in the current world, its impact is such that there are countries where citizens don’t have running water, but own smartphones. Digital media has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work, purchases, and life habits.


The Core Business model at ADM is the 3 pronged approach:-



Mentoring can get you and your organization ready for the future , it can gear you up to embrace the ever increasing reality that is the changing technologies.




Training to help you achieve your business’s learning goals , the right training can lead to transformation of your business, where challenges can turn into opportunities.




It aids you to develop strategies and tactics in such a way that it can help you unlock potential within your business and lead to transformations and success. Asheghar Digimentors has been founded by His Excellency Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohamed Al Thani , on the lines to facilitate Qatar’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. He firmly believes in the power of digital platforms and with ADM, he is doing just so by providing a platform for digital mentorship for entrepreneurs to help accelerate their growth and hone their skills to adapt in this ever-changing world of technology.


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About M.P. SHANAVAS a.k.a




M.P. SHANAVAS (aka SHAN) is an Internationally Renowned Online Business Consultant and Passionate Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is an MBA Graduate and a Director of 12 Companies in the UK, Malaysia, India & the Middle East. Shan built two of his own companies to Multi-million Dollar enterprises in their first year of operations. He has also gained acclaim as a Digital Marketing Strategist, a Renowned Speaker, a Marketing Expert and a Highly Competent Deal Maker. Shan's impressive list of clients include Google, Muslima.com, Anthony Robbins companies, Taj Hotels and Palaces, Jet airways, Indiatimes.com and many more.


In line with his Passion for developing Entrepreneurs, Shan has conducted Digital Entrepreneurship Workshops in more than 850 cities across the world and brings with him over 2 decades of experience in diverse portfolios across various industries. He offers his hands on experience in digital business and online business solutions, development of digital strategies for success of online entrepreneurship, social media campaigns for creation of brand names, marketing and implementing positive online reinforcements for products, brands and personalities. Through all the workshops he led, seminars and training programs he conducted at different business spectrum, his special focus has been on digital business process, technology involvement in business, startup business strategies, digital marketing, mentorship, consulting and training. He has been recognized on several occasions for his Digital entrepreneurship skills and training capabilities.


Shan has been rewarded with various recognitions such as a Nomination for the CNBC YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD (2007). He was also recognized by the Government of India through the Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna award for his “Outstanding Individual Achievement and Distinguished services” to the nation. His mission and passion has always been in creating and supporting more and more entrepreneurs, and with the advent of digital revolution in the business foray, he has put more efforts in this endeavor.


Shan is now a Co-Founder and CEO of Asheghar DigiMentors and heads the global internet business consultancy and DigiMentors team.


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